Sunday, March 18, 2007


Hello Everyone I know finally Im updatating my blog...

Well as you all know I am playing football(soccer) and I am on the CNMI National team. On Sunday the 25 we will be playing Guam and we're going to win. Ok I'll tell you a little about what I play, I usually play whatever the coach tells me to play, which is mostly Forward or Midfield. I am not that fast but I guess he has a reason to put me in those positions..IDK? On the 31st we are going to be traveling to Guam to challenge them one more time for the glory, just to tell you Guam has been in the nationals for like 30 years and they havent won one game. The CNMI is just starting and hopefully we will beat Guam. If we do win this game there is no telling where we might go, we might go to China, Bangladesh, Japan, Korea..there is many many possobilities.

Ok thats all, the guy in the picture is David Beckham.

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TAYLOR said...

you're playing on guam in like a couple of days? that's cool!
good luck with your soccer games!
(don't break your