Monday, April 16, 2007

My Future Plans

After I get out of school and go on my mission, hopefully I will still be alive. If I am still alive I am planning to join the military as a helicopter pilot, to be more specific I want to fly Black Hawks. Everytime I see a helicopter I always wish that I were there in the cockpit in controle of a beautiful peice of combat equipment. The duty of a Black Hawk pilot could either be dangerous and fun or safe and fun. He could be either a recon pilot or a transport(most dangerous) or a cargo pilot and etc. Well anyways yup now you know what I wanna be "when I grow up".


wad said...

"black hawk down. we have a black hawk down."

awesome movie ^^

good luck with your plans :)

nobody's darling said...

dude, you are seriously past like the experiation date for an update.